EdD Doctoral Students' Published Work and Program Updates


Earlier this year, Yin Lam Lee-Johnson, director of the Ed.D. program, and 11 doctoral students in the Transformative Learning in the Global Community emphasis worked collaboratively to co-author an article, "Adapting an Ethnographic Research to an Online Survey Amid COVID-19: Transformative Lens in Educational Research," which was published through Sage Research Methods Cases.

The article focused on exploring how the concepts of transformation, emancipation, and empowerment emerged in the survey responses and how emergent educational researchers could adapt an ethnographic study to an online survey when in-person interviews and observations were not possible. Read a full abstract of the study here. 

Teaching at a Crossroads

Additionally, the School of Education held the special event Teaching at a Crossroads on March 29. At this event, current doctoral student Jennifer Ono was invited as a plenary speaker to discuss her 32-year career as a classroom teacher and the radical transformations she proposed in her dissertation project. Ono discussed her focus on radical transformations for validating the home languages spoken by multilingual learners, as well as the importance of preventing language loss in the classroom.

School of Education Student Speaker 

With commencement approaching, the School of Education selected the 2022 Commencement Graduate Student Speaker, Veronica Clay, a 2020 Transformative Learning in the Global Community Ed.D. emphasis alumna. Clay has been utilizing what she learned in the program to better serve her students as an urban school counselor here in the St. Louis area.

Ed.D. Newsletter

Lastly, the Ed.D. program’s semesterly newsletter is currently underway. Every semester the program publishes a newsletter that highlights the accomplishments of students and faculty, current happenings within the program, and useful information for current, past, and future doctoral students. The Spring 2022 issue will feature doctoral student interviews that elaborate on these students’ educational backgrounds, passions for education, definitions of a transformative educator, and their current research interests. All the events discussed above will also be highlighted in this newsletter. The newsletter and other information regarding the Ed.D. program can be accessed at the program’s website.

Doctor of Education Program

Webster University’s Doctor of Education program is designed to prepare well-rounded educator-scholars who have the passion and competence to make a difference in this world through scholarship and service. It develops scholars and leaders with globally- and socially-conscious perspectives through theory, research, practice, and leadership. Starting in Fall 2022, the Transformative Learning in the Global Community emphasis will be offered in two modalities: asynchronous online and synchronous Live Virtual. Please email yleejohnson31@webster.edu for more information about the Ed.D.

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