New Alumni Board Member and Affairs Coordinator Appointed in Leiden

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The Webster Leiden campus and the Leiden Alumni Association on Sept. 16 welcomed a new Alumni Association board president. Sebastiaan Ruijgrok, who earned an MBA in 2016, accepted the president role and gavel from outgoing President Mehul Shah.

The event was attended by Leiden director Jean Paul v. Marissing, student affairs coordinator Christine Benninger and alumni Niels Zonneveld (MBA 2016) and Frans van den Bliek (MBA 2017). Both Bliek and Zonneveld with work alongside Ruijgrok on the Alumni Association.

The Leiden campus in July appointed Benninger as the alumni affairs coordinator. Benninger has been active in many staff roles since 2002.

Leading up to the 40th anniversary of Leiden in 2023, the campus administration hopes to strengthen its collaborations with the Alumni Association. 

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