In the News - DEI Conference, Smith, Miller-Struttmann, Cooper, Palmer, Kalomiri, Chaudhuri and More

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference 2023The Argus ran a story about Webster University’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference. The Pie News Network also ran a story about the Conference.

Julie Smith Interviewed by the Associated Press

Julie SmithJulie Smith was interviewed by the Associated Press about the need to teach Media Literacy in the K-12 educational system. The story was picked up by numerous news organizations in the United States, Asia and Europe:


Nicole Miller-Struttmann Featured for Bee Research

Nicole Miller-StruttmannThe STL, the online magazine of Greater STL Inc., published part two of its series exploring the efforts by several St. Louis residents to study and preserve bees in the region. Webster University Biology Professor Nicole Miller-Struttmann was featured, with emphasis on her research into the pollinating behaviors of various bee species. Part two can be found here. Part one of the series is also online and also mentioned Professor Miller-Struttmann.

Jameca Woody Cooper Discusses Depression and Anxiety in Children

Jameca Woody CooperJameca Woody Cooper, adjunct professor in the School of Education, was interviewed live on KMOV about the severe shortage of counselors in the United States who are trained to help children who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Anthi Kalomiri Publishes an Op-Ed

Athens Professor Anthi Kalomiri published an op-ed saying that the lack of investigative journalism in the country contributed to a tragic train crash that killed 57 people. 

Julie Palmer on Staffing Cuts

Julie PalmerGeorge Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology Professor Julie Palmer was quoted in the Business News about the recent trend of large companies to cut staffing to a bare minimum in order to temporarily boost profits, and how those policies are actually impacting the work force. 

Samrat Ray Chaudhuri on F1 Visas and DOE Rule Changes

Samrat Ray ChaudhuriSamrat Ray Chaudhuri, the assistant vice president of international enrollment, was quoted in the PIE News about new rules that impact F-1 visas. He also was interviewed about changes announced by the U.S. Department of Education that will alter the responsibilities of third-party recruiting services that are used by many universities to help international students attend college in the United States.

Liem Le Mentioned as a Contender for World Chess Champion

Coach Liem LeChess Coach Liem Le was mentioned in a story in the Guardian (United Kingdom) about an upcoming chess tournament that could crown a new world chess champion. Le was mentioned as a potential contender for that title, and his association with Webster University was also mentioned.

Erin Elstner Discusses Percussion Logistics, Wardrobes, and More

Department of Music adjunct professor Erin Elstner was recently interviewed on the Discussions in Percussion podcast, a program hosted by New York City based percussionists Damon Grant and Marcos Torres. In this episode, Elstner spoke about logistics, wardrobe, sight-reading, and more. 

Sverdrup Renovations

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an article about the recent renovations in the School of Communications’ Sverdrup Complex. Dean Eric Rothenbuhler and Professor Caleb Sawyer were quoted. That story was republished by the Spanish-language news organization Red Latina. 

Yossi Mekelburg on Demonstrations in Israel

International Relations Adjunct Professor Yossi Mekelberg (Tashkent campus) was interviewed by The Australian about recent demonstrations in Israel. 

Ana Nascimento on Loneliness

Authority Magazine interviewed Webster University alumna Ana Nascimento (counseling) about the recent rise in the number of young people who are reporting that they are lonely.

Donald Suggs Feature

The St. Louis American ran a feature profile on the owner and publisher of their publication, Dr. Donald M. Suggs. The article mentioned that Webster University has an annual scholarship named after him. 

Joe Roberts in MoneyGeek

Professor Joe RobertsWalker School of Business Professor Joe Roberts was interviewed several times by MoneyGeek in the past few weeks on a number of issues, ranging from car insurance to mortgaging a rental property:

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