Webster University Tashkent Students Meet with President Julian Z. Schuster

President Julian Z. Schuster, Vice President for Academic Affairs Nancy Hellerud, WUT Rector Vassilis Polimenis, and members of the St. Louis and Tashkent administration and staff pictured with Webster Tashkent students.

Webster University Tashkent (WUT) recently hosted a special event where graduating students met and interacted with President Julian Z. Schuster, Vice President for Academic Affairs Nancy Hellerud, WUT Rector Vassilis Polimenis, and members of the St. Louis and Tashkent administration and staff. 

During the meeting, President Schuster shared his insights on the future of education, emphasizing the importance of innovation, global collaboration, and embracing diversity. Students had the chance to voice their aspirations, challenges, and engage in meaningful conversation. Through the dialogue, students provided important input to staff and administrators on academics, academic support, and co-curricular activities such as study abroad opportunities and career preparation. 
Akbar Izatullaev, a student studying economics, said: “It is a great opportunity for me to speak in front of you. I have been leading two sports clubs at the university. Our volleyball club team stands as the #1 position among international universities in Tashkent. Our ping-pong club is growing exponentially.” Izatullaev proposed the idea that Webster athletes from neighbouring campuses could scrimmage one another: benefitting Webster’s athletics as a whole. The president expressed appreciation for the well-reasoned suggestion and committed to further explore partnerships among campuses and students. 

The president acknowledged the significance of student perspectives in shaping policies and initiatives, emphasizing the value of collaboration between the administration and the student body.

President Schuster Speaks to the students.

The encounter was not just an interaction, but an impactful catalyst for change. The students left the event with renewed inspiration, a deeper sense of purpose, and an unwavering belief in their ability to make a positive difference in the world. 

“One lesson we all need to remember is that the greatest thing in life is not only to care about yourself, but to care about other people,” said Schuster. “It is to care about the generation which will come after you. The reason why I am here is to listen to you. By your feedback, we can improve the experiences of the next generation of Webster students. For example, we will have more computers, more access to our core function: academics, and more student internship opportunities. I thank each of you for coming today and sharing your feedback.”  

President Schuster reassured the students of their valued role as active stakeholders in the university's growth and development, stressing that their input and involvement are integral to fostering a vibrant campus community. 

A Webster Tashkent student speaks to President Schuster. 

Moving forward, Webster University in Tashkent remains dedicated to cultivating an environment that embraces the diverse perspectives and aspirations of its students. By fostering a culture of collaboration, the university aims to provide an exceptional educational experience that equips students with the necessary tools and support to thrive both academically and personally. 
About Webster University in Tashkent: Webster University in Tashkent is an official campus of Webster University based in Missouri, USA. Webster’s Tashkent campus was established in 2019 through the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, number 4245. As the premier American university in Central Asia, Webster is committed to ensuring high-quality learning that transforms students for global citizenship and individual excellence. 

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