Webster University Tashkent Sets a New Enrollment Record

Webster University Tashkent students in class.

Webster University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, enrolled 1,900 new students for the Fall 2023 semester, a 25% increase from the Fall 2022 semester. The student growth is partly due to high demand, but also a result of the introduction of new programs and an increased focus on national recruitment throughout major cities in the Republic of Uzbekistan.  
The campus currently hosts 4,200 students from 25 countries, with the top three being The Republic of Uzbekistan, Russia, and the United States of America. 
“Webster Tashkent is a regional pioneer,” said Nancy Hellerud, Vice President for Academic Affairs. "We offer a Western-style education both in the curriculum and student experience.” 
Ryan Guffey, director-general for global campuses, continued to expound on the reason for Webster’s success in Tashkent.  
“As the first American institution in Central Asia, we have had the opportunity to merge the best of American education with the rich history, traditions, and expertise within the Republic of Uzbekistan. The local and international faculty and staff who live and work in Uzbekistan are part of something quite special.” 

Undergraduate students on the first day of class.

Undergraduate students learning where to go on the first day of class.

Webster University Tashkent, which opened its doors in 2019, offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the fields of education, science, and arts. Webster Tashkent's individualized degree structure promotes academic depth and intellectual breadth, encouraging students to explore diverse personal and professional interests. With Webster’s profound focus on global citizenship evident throughout its academic offerings, students will graduate with critical thinking, problem-solving, and complex communication skills for the challenges of the 21st century.  

The campus’ programs in business, computer science, management information systems, media, international relations and other areas have seen strong demand. The university is now expanding its offerings to include health care administration, biology, and other health related programs in 2024.  

Students attend a course being taught at Webster University Tashkent.

Students attend a course being taught at Webster University Tashkent.

Webster University leadership has recently explored several avenues for collaboration with healthcare partners in Uzbekistan. Per a May 2023 agreement, Webster University and the Uzbekistan Ministry of Health are collaborating to determine the best health and science academic programs to be added to Webster Tashkent’s curriculum. By expanding access to health education in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s healthcare system will be enhanced.  
“Webster is clearly fulfilling its mission to bring an American education where there is unmet demand, as seen by the tremendous growth,” said Julian Schuster, president of Webster University.  “I envision Webster Tashkent’s student body and positive impact on the citizens of Uzbekistan will only continue to grow.” 

About Webster University in Tashkent: Webster University in Tashkent is an official campus of Webster University based in Missouri, USA. Webster’s Tashkent campus was established in 2019. As the premier American University in Central Asia, Webster is committed to ensuring high-quality learning that transforms students for global citizenship and individual excellence. 

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