College of Science and Health the First in Missouri to be Accredited by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

ASBMB LogoThe American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) granted Webster’s Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences program in the department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics a full seven-year accreditation, the first in Missouri to be approved by the international science organization. 

The ASBMB is an international nonprofit scientific and educational organization with more than 11,000 members worldwide. The organization publishes several scientific and educational journals, hosts conferences, offers career resources to members and advocates for research and education.

Professor Stephanie Schroeder“The ASBMB’s decision to give us full accreditation after an extensive review of our program further solidifies my belief that we have the best science instructors in the region,” said Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Chair Stephanie Schroeder. “We sought accreditation to showcase the unique strengths of our program that ASBMB also finds core to their goals, such as extensive experiential learning opportunities in the laboratory and communication skills. The final report extended beyond that and also lauded us for the overall strength of our programs and our dedication to our students.”

Students in a botany class taught by Professor Nicole Miller-StruttmannPHOTO: Webster students in a botany class taught by Biology Professor Nicole-Miller Struttmann.

In the final report from the ASBMB recommending accreditation, the reviewers noted the strength of the faculty in the department, the impressive range of the curriculum that also teaches the most up-to-date standards and practices, and the commitment the faculty showed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the field of science. It was also noted that the ASBMB core standard in ASBMB for laboratory time for students is 400 hours, while Webster exceeded that standard with 645 hours of laboratory time for students, further demonstrating the University’s commitment to giving students hands-on experience and preparing them for their future careers. Webster will need to apply for reaccreditation in 2030. 

Dean Michael Hulsizer“This is a significant boost to the reputation of the department, the College of Science and Health and Webster University. The University made huge investments in boosting its STEM education in the past decade, and this is one of the dividends that is paying off,” said College of Science and Health Dean Michael Hulsizer. “I applaud Dr. Stephanie Schroeder who led this effort as well as department faculty and staff members who helped make this happen.”

Since 2013, the ASBMB has accredited 101 programs in the United States. Webster’s program is the first in Missouri and the first in the greater St. Louis region, as there are no institutions accredited by ASBMB in Illinois.

Visit the College of Science and Health website to learn more about its programs and how to apply.

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