In the News – Shostak, Cooper, Hall, Lewis, Alumni and Webster Grants

In the News HeaderThis regular column features links to the most significant stories about Webster University or stories that quote Webster faculty and staff members. 

Shostak Discusses Louisiana Law, Supreme Court Ruling

Professor Shostak on Live Now with Fox

Visiting Professor Grant Shostak was interviewed on Live Now with Fox about the new Louisiana Law that requires the 10 Commandments to be posted in every K-12 and college classroom in the state. The story was also broadcast on FOX 4 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region, on FOX 2 in Detroit, and in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia  and Phoenix, Arizona

Shostak also was interviewed on Live Now with Fox about the U.S. Supreme Court decision that redefined what “obstruction of an official proceeding” meant, saying that the charge can only be applied if actual documents used in that proceeding were stolen or destroyed. 

St. Louis Business Journal Highlights Research by Musangali and Tuncel

Ece Tuncel

Ece Tuncel

Muthoni Musangali

Muthoni Musangali

The St. Louis Business Journal looked at all of the colleges and universities in the St. Louis area to see which ones are bringing in research grants. Webster University was listed high in the story, and two projects led by Webster professors Muthoni Musangali and Ece Tuncel were highlighted in the story. 

Cooper Discusses Depression with European Reporter

Jameca Woody Cooper

School of Education Professor Jameca Woody Cooper was quoted by the European news agency ES Euro in an article about common signs of depression that workers might exhibit. 

Hall Discusses North Carolina Decision About Ballots

Bill Hall

Political Science Professor Bill Hall was quoted by Newsweek Magazine in a story that looked at the North Carolina decision to not allow multiple political parties to be displayed on election ballots this year. 

Lewis to be Inducted into St. Louis Walk of Fame

Jenifer Lewis

Numerous news outlets ran stories about Webster Alumna and Actor Jenifer Lewis being inducted in the St. Louis Walk of Fame on July 13:

Leigh Gerdine Alumni Featured in the Webster-Kirkwood Times

The Webster-Kirkwood Times had a feature story on Webster Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts alumni Collin Milfort and TJ Staten. 

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