ARC Grant Connects Students, Faculty

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ARC Receives Grant to Support At-Risk Students
Members of the 2015 TAP (Transitions and Academic Prep) Program Cohort

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) has received the Bringing Theory to Practice Well-Being Seminar Grant, which is designed to “support campus-wide planning discussions that give focused attention to a particular dimension of the well-being of those involved (students, faculty or other leaders) in creating and maintaining an engaged culture for learning.”

For Webster, this grant will fund a seminar that will bring administrators, faculty and students together to examine opportunities for faculty to engage with at-risk students both in and beyond the classroom. The seminar will aid faculty in delivering quality student-centered experiences with increased student engagement, access and success.

The grant was identified by Carolyn Brown, Writing Center coordinator, who collaborated with Erin Bullerdieck, Transitions coordinator, to apply for and win the grant. Brown and Bullerdieck applied for the grant as a unique opportunity to connect faculty with students in the Transitions program. These students are conditionally admitted to the university and include first generation, minority, ESL, transfer and/or academically underprepared populations.

Erica Ellard, director of the ARC, said, "This seminar, while focused on the Transitions students, has the potential to direct Webster down a path that will expand awareness beyond the Transitions cohort and enhance the experience of all Webster students by engaging and informing faculty throughout the global university."

"This is an exciting opportunity to increase understanding and strengthen communication between faculty and students at Webster," Bullerdieck said.

The seminar is expected to run in early January.

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