Best Practices for Students Regarding Preparing for Final Exams

Best Practices for Students Regarding Preparing for Final Exams

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) understands how stressful preparing for finals can be—for faculty members as well as students!

Final exams often test the knowledge students have acquired throughout the entire semester and depending on how their finals are weighted, their final exam grades could mean the difference between an A and a C on their transcripts.

The ARC recommends the following tips as students prepare for final exams and encourage faculty members to share this information with their students:

Finals Prep Tips:

1. Start early.

  • Start planning at least four weeks before each final.
  • Be realistic about how long it will take to study for each final.
  • Make sure you know your current grade in each class.
  • Write out which exams you have to take, and number them according to difficulty.
  • Schedule an online Tutoring and Writing Center appointment as needed.

2. Make a finals game plan.

  • Use the MyStudyLife website to map out study time and finals for each class.
  • Use the calendar on your phone to set alerts and reminders so you stick to your plan.
  • Gather the materials you will need for each class, such as study guides, notes, slides, handouts, and textbooks.
  • Make a list of questions about difficult course concepts, and meet with your instructor(s), tutors, and/or peers to get assistance.

3. Give yourself more time to prepare for your toughest classes and research papers.

  • Look over previous assignments and review what you missed with your instructor(s).
  • Get help regarding APA and MLA citations from the Writing Center.
  • Get help through NetTutor, which you can access through any course in WorldClassRoom (Canvas).

To schedule an academic counseling appointment, please click here.

Academic Success Workshops

Reading and Writing with a Critical Eye
Tuesday, Nov. 10, from 10-10:45 a.m.
Presenter: Kristin Cobos
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Do you ever feel overwhelmed when reviewing sources for your writing? This presentation will cover various approaches and techniques to help you develop a critical eye in your writing. We will review different tips for choosing and analyzing research to ensure you are adding validity and relevance with your supporting evidence. We will also discuss how to use objective language correctly in your paper to develop and support your thesis and achieve clarity.

It’s the End of the Semester as We Know It! Preparing for Finals
Tuesday, Nov. 17, from 4:30-5:15 p.m.
Presenter: Lisa Hempen
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This session will provide helpful tips to plan for success during final exams and setting yourself up for success. 

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