Teaching Climate Change Policy with a Little Number Crunching

Teaching Climate Change Policy with a Little Number Crunching
John Aleshunas

Faculty, staff and students are invited to join John Aleshunas, professor of Math/Computer Science in Webster's George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology, for a workshop on using data to teach about climate change, Wednesday, April 4, in East Academic Building room 212, 2-3 p.m.

Complex topics, like climate change policy, can often be better understood when students get experience with the underlying information and data supporting the policy. Practical exercises help students understand policy concepts and the reasons why these policies become politically complex.

This presentation will demonstrate how experiential learning exercises can enhance student understanding of topics like climate change policy. It includes example exercises using free open-source tools that can facilitate analysis and visualization and data freely available from reliable Internet sources.

These tools and data provide an environment where students can easily conduct experiments and analysis using pre-prepared scripts, allowing them to discover for themselves the complexities behind policy issues. This methodology can increase the understanding and impact of course content.

For questions, please contact Liza Dister, faculty development coordinator, at edister17@webster.edu.

Note: This is a rescheduling after the original session during the 2018 Teaching Festival  was postponed due to the regional power outage.

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