Connect Your Students to Academic Counseling

Connect Your Students to Academic Counseling

This week is an ideal time to revisit academic counseling and how it can help students.

Academic Counseling is a service provided by the Academic Resource Center to all Webster University students across the worldwide Webster University community.

It involves individual one-on-one sessions for students who would like to develop better organizational and learning strategies.

The sessions can include one-time events or ongoing academic counseling and mentoring services.

Academic counseling services

Academic counseling provides many services on a one-on-one basis to students:

  • Guidance in improving academic skills
  • Guidance in improving time management and stress management
  • Help adjusting to college life
  • Personalized academic success plans
  • Referrals to University resources
  • Support to improve their GPAs
  • Support to recover from academic probation

 Students may meet with an Academic Counselor at any time and as regularly as they would like:

  • When they feel they are “not doing well” in their course(s)
  • When they want to improve their academic skills
  • When they are missing class, falling behind on assignments, or struggling with assignments and/or courses
  • When they feel stressed and/or under academic pressure
  • When they want to improve their time management skills
  • When they are placed on academic probation

Other available services

Additionally, you and your students may be interested in academic success workshops, which are available to classes and student groups and are short, informative sessions on academic success strategies presented by an Academic Counselor on various topics, such as the following:

  • Adjusting to change in college
  • Creating a healthy balance
  • Managing time in stressful situations
  • Resisting procrastination
  • Understanding academic expectations

Presentations may be requested by employees and students online by visiting the  ARC website .

Upcoming academic success workshops

In Fall 2019, we have two scheduled academic success workshops that we invite you and/or your students to attend. Sessions will be held in the Academic Resource Center, Webster Groves campus, Loretto Hall Room 40, from 4:30 -5:30 p.m. If possible, please RSVP to Lisa C. Hempen, M.Ed.

Thursday, Sept. 19:  Developing a Success Strategy:  This workshop will help students manage their time using various tools and time organization strategies.

Wednesday, Nov. 13: T he Finals Game Plan:  This workshop will help students put together their game plan for preparing for finals.

Scheduling an appointment

Students can schedule an academic counseling appointment with Lisa Hempen, Student Success Coordinator, through the Student Success Portal by going to their My Success Network section, searching for Hempen and selecting Lisa’s name.

Then, they just click on the Schedule Appointment button and follow the prompts. (To access the Student Success Portal, students and employees should go to and log in with their Connections credentials.)

Students can also contact Lisa Hempen via email or by calling 314-246-8284 to schedule an academic counseling appointment directly. 


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