Construction Update Aug. 18, 2017

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Construction Update Aug. 18, 2017 – City Approves Conditional Occupancy Permit for Browning Hall
The City of Webster Groves approved a Conditional Occupancy Permit for the Building Friday.

This is a regular update of the construction work on the home campus of Webster University in Webster Groves, Missouri:

SAINT LOUIS - A conditional occupancy permit for Browning Hall, the Interdisciplinary Science Building was issued by the City of Webster Groves Friday morning. Starting on Monday, April 21, faculty, staff, and students are no longer required to wear personal protection equipment (hard hats, safety vests and glasses) to enter the building. 

Faculty members who need to set up offices, classrooms, and laboratories can now access the building to do so. Any faculty or staff members assigned to work in the building who have not received a new ID card which will give access to the building should contact Public Safety.

Because office and lab equipment is still being moved into the building and faculty members are setting up their offices, University officials are asking for those who do not have offices or teaching spaces in Browning Hall to refrain from exploring the new building so that offices and classrooms can be put into order without interruption.   

There also is some construction work still occurring in the building, as well as site work at the exterior, and that work is expected to last for a few more weeks. Please be aware of any barriers or construction work zones that may still exist on the site and avoid them, if possible, and exercise caution while navigating the area. Also note that the west-side entrance of the portico that connects Browning Hall to the East Academic Building is closed, as crews still have some work to complete. The east side entrance, and the interior entrances that connect the buildings on the first and second floors, are open.

The first classes will be held in the building Monday evening, Aug. 21, when graduate classes begin.

An official building dedication ceremony will be held on Oct. 19. Details of this event are being planned. Watch Webster Today for a future announcement about the ceremony.

Reserving Rooms in Browning Hall

For anyone interested in scheduling the shared spaces in Browning Hall (auditorium, conference rooms, etc), please contact the following people:

For Rooms

  • BH 140  Conference Room           (capacity 20)
  • BH 160 Auditorium                          (capacity 129)
  • BH 154 Conference Room            (capacity 10)
  • BH 352 Conference Room            (capacity 12)
  • BH 364 Small meeting room        (capacity 4)
  • BH 413 Small meeting room        (capacity 4)

Contact Gabrielle Halley, 314-246-5927,

For Room

BH 174 Teaching Kitchen (capacity 24) contact Jessica McKay, 314-246-7047,

For Room

BH 203  Dean’s Conference Room (capacity 12), contact Thanh Dinh-Trang, 314-246-7160,

Marletto's Updates

In other construction news, Marletto’s is on track to open by the time students arrive for the new academic year.

  • All furniture has been delivered and crews have spent the past few days assembling the new tables.
  • New booths are being installed along the walls.
  • All new “back-of-kitchen” equipment has been received, installed and commissioned.
  • New electronic menus boards are being installed this week.
  • New signage for the various food venues has arrived and will be placed in the coming week.
  • Pepsi will be installing their new “Spire” machine.  This machine will dispense multiple flavors from a single spout.
  • Kaldi Coffee will now be offered at Marletto’s.
  • Sodexo employees will start to be trained to use the new equipment on Aug. 21.
  • Construction is expected to be completed next week.
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