Davis Wins Freshman Writing Award

Davis Wins Freshman Writing Award
Congratulations to Freshman Writing Award Winner Cheyenne Davis (top), and Honorable Mention Anna Rickard

Students, faculty, staff, and the administration celebrated outstanding student writers at the the Freshman Writing Award ceremony and luncheon held recently in the the East Academic Building.  

The first-place winner was freshman Cheyenne Davis for her essay, “Webster Groves: A Community of Gardeners."

Honorable mention was Anna Rickard for her essay “Recovery and Resistance: An Analysis of Survivors’ Role in Remastering Trauma.”  

This year winners were awarded educational grants to be used for textbooks or any academic expense of their choice. The first place winner was awarded $125; honorable mention was awarded $75.

President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble and Provost Julian Schuster commended the winners for exemplary writing that “takes time, energy, and commitment” to achieve.  The essays are judged based on the following criteria: 1) audience, the appeal beyond the instructor; 2) purpose, the value beyond the assignment; 3) medium, the effectiveness and economy of words; and 4) writing, beyond the expectations for freshmen.

Of Cheyenne’s paper, a judge said that “paragraphs flow well; great job of community research and use of primary resources; great job of supporting with relevant detail.” Cheyenne’s professor is Kim Kleinman.

Of Anna’s paper, one of the judges commented, “The paper does not raise any unanswered questions, always provides further clarification and examples for the reader is never lost.”  Anna’s professor is Kate Parsons.  

In order to qualify for the Freshman Writing Award, submissions must be at least 500 words, can be on any subject and genre, and must be written during the fall semester of freshman year. For more information, please contact Carolyn I. Brown, Writing Center and Plagiarism Prevention coordinator, 314-246-7668.

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