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Some of the common practices you may encounter when working with files in OneDrive include saving and syncing. If you receive an error when trying to perform either of these actions, it is most likely because of restrictions and limitations that apply to file names and file types in OneDrive.

Invalid Characters

The invalid characters that are not allowed in file and folder names in OneDrive are:

  • "
  • *
  • :
  • <
  • >
  • ?
  • /
  • \
  • |

Renaming Folders & Files in Windows

To rename your folder or file in Windows do the following steps:

1. Open Windows File Explorer.

a. On Windows 7, click the Windows Start button and type “Explorer” into the search box and press Enter on your keyboard.

b. On Windows 10, click the Windows Search box located at the bottom left of your screen and type “File Explorer “and press Enter on your keyboard.

 2. Browse to the location of the folder or file you wish to rename and hit F2 on your keyboard. As an alternative, you may also right-click on the folder or file and choose Rename.

 3. Rename the file.

Renaming Folders & Files in Mac

To rename your folder or file in Mac do the following steps:

1. Go to your Mac’s Finder by choosing the icon shown below.

Finder icon
FInder icon

Browse to or search for the folder or file you wish to rename. Right-click the folder/file using your Apple mouse. If you don’t have the right-click option on your Apple mouse, press the Ctrl (or Control) key on your keyboard then tap the mouse button or the trackpad of your laptop. Choose Rename from the pop-up menu.

3. Rename the file.

Once you have renamed any folders or files containing the invalid characters, you can resync or upload your files back to OneDrive.

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