Accessibility Awareness Month Tips: Provide intentional inclusion

Accessibility Awareness Month Tips: Provide intentional inclusion
Adding a simple accessibility statement to your event flyer can help signal that individuals with disabilities are welcome and included

The Accessibility Committee and the Academic Resource Center (ARC) are providing weekly disability and accessibility tips this month for Disability Awareness Month.

Tip #2: Provide intentional inclusion.

Heavy doors, uneven sidewalks, and tight corridors are not the only barriers people with disabilities face; social barriers are just as demoralizing as physical barriers. All people long to be included and recognized, but individuals who struggle with disability often struggle with a fear of not being welcome or accommodated.

One way to accommodate individuals with disabilities is to intentionally create a place for them and provide a way for them to be included.

To show people with disabilities they are welcome, try adding an accessibility statement to the bottom of the next flyer you create and actively exploring other ways to make everyone feel welcome. For example: "For accessibility concerns, contact ____."

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