Reminders for Office 365 Distribution Group Owners

If you are a current owner of a Webster distribution list/group in Office 365 (the replacement for former Sympa lists), please review the Office 365 Distribution Group Users Guide for group owners. This guide covers the most common list management tasks, including:

Adding and Removing Group Members

Membership in groups you own should be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Group owners are responsible for adding and removing members.

Adding and Removing Other Group Owners

Group owners are the only ones who have access to modify group settings.

Message Approval Options

When Sympa lists were converted to Office 365 distribution groups, the default setting was to require moderation for all messages sent to the group. This means that messages would not be distributed until an owner/moderator approves them. This option can be turned off easily by group owners. You can also choose to allow only certain senders but moderate others. Please see the Users Guide for instructions.

Adding and Removing Moderators

If you do not add a moderator(s), group owners will receive all approval requests for messages.

Allowing for External Senders

Be default, groups are configured to allow only internal senders (individuals with email addresses) to message a group email address. If you anticipate external senders to message a group that you own, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to request that your group be configured to allow for external senders if you did not already do so when your group was migrated to Office 365. External senders would be anyone who does not have an email address.

As a reminder, please make sure you are using the format when sending messages to distribution groups. The previous addresses will not deliver messages to a list/group.

If you would like additional assistance with distribution group configuration or have any questions after reviewing the guide, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the IT Service Desk using the contact information below:

1-866-435-7270 (toll-free)

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