2021-22 Faculty Research Grants, Now Accepting Applications

2021-22 Faculty Research Grants

The Office of the President and Office of Academic Affairs are pleased to invite applications for Faculty Research Grants for 2021-22. The purpose of the Faculty Research Grant program is to encourage and promote faculty research and professional development.

Application deadline is Monday, Nov. 16, 2020. 

Grant applications are invited for focused projects which will lead to a work product. Projects may include, but are not limited to, disciplinary-based research; research of teaching and learning; scholarly publications; exhibitions; and artistic performances.

Projects should be consistent with the goals of the University Handbook, Faculty Professional Development and Scholarship Criteria. Grants will be awarded to applicants with the strongest potential to advance academic excellence for the individual faculty member and for Webster University. Projects that lay the groundwork for future proposals to external funders (e.g., produce preliminary data or pilot a model that can be scaled up for larger projects of interest to federal agencies, or private or corporate funders), are encouraged.


  • Status or status-track Webster University faculty member.
  • May be used in conjunction with a sabbatical, faculty development leave, or other sponsored leave.

Proposal Requirements and Application Process

Submit a detailed proposal including: 

  • Research title and brief description of the project (recommend 1 page) 
  • Detailed description (recommend 3-5 pages) including:
  • Research methodology (or plan of action for the professional project)
  • Contribution of the project to the relevant disciplinary or academic context
  • A proposed timeline for the project (awards are for one year and are not renewable)
  • Projected work product of the project
  • Detailed budget (include cost shares from other sources)
  • Current CV

If a previous recipient, include brief description of previous Faculty Research Grant(s) received and project outcomes.

If research includes the use of human subjects, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval letter or exemption will be required. 

Submit proposals electronically to the Faculty Research Grants Committee at presidentschuster@webster.edu by Monday, Nov. 16, 2020. You will receive an e-mail confirming your submission.

Award Amounts and Specifics

  • Awards generally range from $2,500 to $7,500; $10,000 is the maximum award
  • Funding may be requested for material or supplies, research expenses or stipends, salary for research assistance, and/or travel expenses; funding for research associated with creative publications or performances may include materials, supplies, travel and expenses related to the creation of the art form
  • Funding is generally not provided for: equipment, furniture or other capital items, publication expenses (including royalties, fees or licenses), tuition fees, or conference attendance expenses
  •  Funding is for one year (Fiscal Year 21-22, ending May 31, 2022).

Selection Criteria and Process

  • The Faculty Research Grants Committee will review proposals. Proposals with potential to advance academic excellence for the individual faculty member and for Webster University will be preferred. Priority is given to projects that cannot be easily completed without assistance of a grant.

Award Notification

• Faculty Research Grant recipients will be notified in January 2021.

Award Recipient Responsibilities

  • Complete an end-of-project report summarizing outcomes of the research or activity
  • Recognize Webster University in publications or work product
  • Participate, to the extent possible, in activities related to the promotion of the Faculty Research Grants (e.g., serve on “award recipient panels”, speak with future applicants seeking information on the award) 

More Information

  • Applicants are encouraged to speak to their chair, dean, and/or previous recipients for more information
  • Questions: Contact Rhonda Lingard, coordinator in the Office of Academic Affairs at (314) 246-7676.

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