GCP Substitute Course for Transfers, Online Students

GCP Substitute Course for Transfers, Online Students

An eight-week online course, "GLBC 1210: W1: Gateway Seminar to the Global Citizenship Program in Online Environments," has been developed and will be offered for the first time Fall I in 2017.

This course addresses the same core skills (oral communication, written communication, critical thinking and integrative learning) that are components of the First Year Seminar Program. This seminar is not an option for on-campus, first semester, first year students.

Rather it will meet the degree requirement for:

  • Transfer students without an Associate of Arts degree
  • Fully online undergraduate students
  • Undergraduate students who did not receive a passing grade in their First Year Seminar courses

Other Substitute Options

Other substitute courses that also meet the First Year Seminar degree requirement for these populations are:

  • SPCM 1040 Public Speaking
  • PHIL 2320 Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PHIL 1010 Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 1200 The Meaning of Life
  • POLT 1550 Introduction to Political Argument and Debate
  • HRTS 1100 Introduction to Human Rights
  • SOCI 2375 Social Problems
  • SCIN 1030 Science in the News
  • MUSC 1051 Sound of Surprise: Introduction to Jazz History
  • MUSC 1052 History of Rock and Roll to 1965

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Williams, associate professor and director of The First Year Seminar Program, at crwilliams@webster.edu.

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