Hunt Gallery Seeks Your Loaned Art for Concept Exhibit

Hunt Gallery Seeks Your Loaned Art for Concept Exhibit

Each year, the first exhibition in the Hunt Gallery strives for an experimental start to the academic year. This year, members of the Webster community can contribute to “The Neighborhood’s Choice,” a unique concept that literally invites Webster University neighbors to loan a work of art to the exhibition, which will open on Friday, Aug. 26.

"I had originally envisioned neighbors being simply those who live nearby campus, but like the definition of 'art,' the definition of neighbor is very broad," said Jeffrey Hughes, Hunt Gallery director. "So however you choose to define yourself as a neighbor of the university is perfect. In addition to submitting your personal piece, please consider asking your own neighbors to participate as well."

The Gallery is requesting that its neighbors loan art items from their own walls, shelves, and collections to bring, as Group Material stated, “things that might not normally find their way into an art gallery.” This, in turn, will allow Webster University’s neighbors to become themselves the producers, organizers, curators, and interpreters of the arts.

How to Get Involved

Please consider loaning the gallery a painting, small object, image (or other item) from your walls to be displayed on the gallery walls. The item need not be art per se, but simply something you see “exhibited” in your home everyday. The combining of individual pictures, objects, and things from our neighbors will comprise the exhibition.

The works will be insured as per regular art loan agreements.

Delivery or Pick-Up Arrangements

Works can be delivered this week only to Hunt House (Department of Art, Design and Art History offices at 8350 Big Bend) anytime between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Wednesday, Aug. 22-24. Please call 314-246-7171 if you have any questions.

We can arrange for your item to be picked up by a gallery attendants on Aug.19 or 20. The object/image will be safely protected within the gallery’s locked and monitored walls, and will be returned to the owners during the week of Sept. 12-16.


The Hunt Gallery will reprise the 1980s concept of New York artists groups CoLab, Fashion Moda, and Group Material, which created activities and exhibitions as methods of creating community responses and participation in the effort to change the way contemporary art was understood.

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