Password Policy Compliance Measures

Password Policy Compliance Measures
If you have questions, contact the Service Desk

Webster University is committed to ensuring the security, privacy and protection of the personal and professional data of all its constituents. To that end, Webster University is implementing a password policy for Webster University systems, computers and mobile devices.

Passwords help ensure the security and confidentiality of the data stored or accessed on our systems and devices; however, their effectiveness as a security measure depends on individual password strength and our community's adherence to industry standard practices.

To that end, please review the following policy on password construction and the industry standard practices that are planned for implementation.

Password Policy Guidelines

  1. Minimum Password Length – Passwords must contain at least 12 characters
  2. Password Complexity – Passwords must be “complex,” possessing a capital letter, special character, and a number
  3. Maximum Password Age – Passwords must change a minimum of every 180 days.
  4. Password History – Passwords must not be reused until after 12 password changes
  5. Account lockout – After 5 incorrect password attempts, accounts are locked for 10 minutes

Over the next six months, Information Technology will rollout password policy compliance measures across many of its services and systems (See the list of systems impacted). To avoid disruption of service please take the time to update your password to meet the above guidelines as soon as possible (Password Management).

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk at or by phone at 866-435-7270.

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