Webster International Friendship Program Application deadline Sept. 14

Webster International Friendship Program Application deadline Sept. 14

Are you interested in learning more about cultures where our students call home? 

Are you available for a few weekends or evenings a semester to share your culture with our international students? 

Join us for the Webster International Friendship Program by submitting your application to be a community friend today! Applications are due Sept. 14. The program is designed to foster new friendships that promote learning and appreciation for both community members and students.  

Webster International Friendship Program provides an opportunity for international students to connect beyond the Webster University campus and helps them better understand our community. Participation gives both the students and community members an opportunity to learn about other cultures, have stimulating conversations, and make new friends. Any interested community members, faculty, staff and US students are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: Sept. 14

Community Friend Application 

International Student Application

Webster International Friendship program may extend beyond sharing meals and could include invitations to international students to participate in family events, holidays, off campus events and excursions, exchanging phone calls and letters. Many people like to share meals, go on outings and celebrate holidays together. Through this informal program, international students will be matched with members from the local and campus community and enjoy interactions to promote the open exchange of cultural experiences, customs and ideas. Faculty, staff and community members enjoy the satisfaction of making a significant contribution to the success of the international students’ time in the U.S. The program is designed to foster new friendships that promote learning and appreciation for both community members and students.

The MCISA will match the participants based on the requests of each applicant. Once matches are complete, the University will host a program orientation kickoff on Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. on campus for participants to meet and ask that all participants complete a Participation Agreement.

 2017 International Friendship participants

Community friends have no legal, financial or housing obligations to their international student friends. The program is not intended as a venue to recruit or enlist students in civic, religious, or business endeavors. The University will provide relevant information to participants regarding the legal requirements international students must follow while in the United States on student visas (F-1 or J-1).

It is required that community friends and international students connect at least the two to three times per semester during the academic year (Sept. to May), on the average. We encourage community members to include their students in everyday activities and events, so that they can experience American life outside of the classroom. What develops after a student and community member are matched depends on the mutual interests and convenience of both parties. Also, major holiday celebrations are generally of interest to many international students. Community members may be asked to provide transportation to and from the resident’s home, unless the home is within walking distance for the students.

For additional information or questions, visit the MCISA website or contact Bethany Keller, MCISA assistant director at 246-7649 or bethanys@webster.edu.

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