Alum Spotlight: Leiden grad uses Webster experience to land dream job at Spencer Stuart

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Alum Spotlight: Leiden grad uses Webster experience to land dream job at Spencer Stuart
Michelle Weaver

After graduating from Webster's campus in Leiden, the Netherlands with a B.A. in Applied Behavioral and Social Sciences (ABSS) and a minor in Management, Michelle Weaver landed an internship at Spencer Stuart, an American global executive search and leadership consulting firm. Two months later, the internship turned into a full-time position. 

Weaver discovered that going to school and working at the same time is harder than having a full time job. Thanks to support from her manager at Spencer Stuart and the head of her department at Webster, she was able to manage the new demands.

"Spencer Stuart offered me a lot of flexibility," she said. "I thought that it would make it easier. However, I found that I was busier. I still had to do all the work within fewer days. But I got through it, and I think it has made me stronger. After the internship, they wanted me to stay. I was really lucky to graduate and start working immediately."

She also learned the importance of balance. 

"I learned that you sometimes need to take a break," Weaver said. "You can’t do everything. I was trying so hard to keep it all together; I thought I had it on track. You simply can’t reverse the day. Trying to juggle a career while still trying to actually graduate was a big challenge for me," she said. 

Coming from studying in Zimbabwe, Weaver was very surprised at the intimate interaction between students and teachers at Webster. It helped her become more confident in speaking with her superiors and co-wokers. 

"Having small classrooms at Webster, where you could easily approach the professor, definitely helped me today. I have no problems walking into my manager’s office. I can easily approach someone who seems to be an expert. I’m not afraid to ask questions and ask for help anymore," she said. 

Her experience at Webster University made transitioning from the international Webster community to the international community at Spencer Stuart easier. 

"Webster University and Spencer Stuart are quite similar in the sense that both are so international and diverse, which makes them both helping communities. I think being international or having an international outlook makes you always willing to help somebody else out," she said. "It was a good transition. It feels like home and I really enjoy it." 

Read a full profile of Weaver in the Alumni Spotlight at Webster the Netherlands here. 

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