Webster China Faculty Member Publishes 'Making Aircraft More Effective and Profitable'

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Sheng in China
Left: At COMAC University, Sheng works with a class of engineers, technicians and managers who will be manufacturing, testing and servicing COMAC passenger aircraft. Right: Sheng at the Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, where he has made significant contributions to the development of the C-919 passenger plane.

Richard Sheng, an adjunct faculty member teaching in the MBA program in Webster's George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology, has a new text on systems engineering published by Elsevier and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press.

"Systems Engineering for Aerospace: A Practical Approach," stems from his years of experience with McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. More recently, Sheng has been serving as a senior technical fellow at the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) in its Aircraft Design and Research Institute.

Sheng teaches at various Webster locations in China, including Chengdu and Shanghai. He normally teaches Business Statistics and Operations Management. Before moving to China, he also taught at Webster’s Los Angeles Air Force Base location.

“The new book describes how to measure and manage an aircraft program from start to finish,” Sheng said. “The book is very specifically focused for students and employees who want to design, manufacture and service an aircraft that can become more effective and more profitable.”

The Systems Engineering for Aerospace is topical and timely. Chapters cover concept and purpose of an aircraft, final design, the aircraft and its major systems. Sheng shows there is a need to be a constant and consistent set of communications among teams from avionics to software. Webster students who are attending or have completed the MBA operations management course, would feel comfortable and capable of reading through Sheng’s book.

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