Navigating and Reserving Rooms at Browning Hall

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Reserve a room in Browning Hall

With the opening of Browning Hall this fall, several departments have relocated to the new building at the start of the school year:

Department Old Location New Location

International Languages and Cultures

Webster Hall room 328

Browning Hall room 407


Webster Hall room 200

Browning Hall room 407


Webster Hall room 320

Browning Hall room 305

Anthropology and Sociology

Webster Hall room 320

Browning Hall room 305

Biological Sciences

Webster Hall room 13

Browning Hall room 305

Dean's Office College of Arts and Sciences

Webster Hall room 218

Browning Hall room 202

Nurse Anesthesia

Webster Hall room 15

Browning Hall room 101

Human Services

Webster Hall room 320

Browning Hall room 404


Reserving Rooms in Browning Hall
Interested in scheduling the shared spaces in Browning Hall (auditorium, conference rooms, etc)?

Contact Gabby Halley, 314-246-5927, for the following rooms:

  • BH 140 Conference room, capacity 20
  • BH 160 Auditorium, capacity 129
  • BH 154 Conference room, capacity 10
  • BH 352 Conference room, capacity 12
  • BH 364 Small meeting room, capacity 4
  • BH 413 Small meeting room, capacity 4

Contact Jessica McKay, 314-246-7047, for the following room:

  • BH 174 Teaching Kitchen, capacity 24

Contact Thanh Dinh Tranh, 314-246-7160, for the following room:

  • BH 203 Dean's Conference room, capacity 12
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