New Grade Book Coming to WorldClassRoom in Spring 2020

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New Gradebook Coming to WorldClassRoom in Spring 2020

The grade book in WorldClassRoom has a significant update coming in the Spring of 2020 including enhanced features that will enable instructors to have a more personalized approach to grading.

New features will include: 

  • Policies for late and missing assignments that can be automatically applied  
  • Sorting and filtering of assignments
  • Assignment visibility (formerly called ‘muting’) available on an individual assignment basis

Nothing needs to be done on the part of the instructor – this will be a system-wide change that will be implemented on Tuesday, Dec. 31.

More details can be found on the New Gradebook FAQ.  

Note: Instructors have the option of switching over Fall 2 and Spring 1 sections in the time period between this announcement and the December 31st system wide implementation. Instructions can be found on the FAQ

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