Seeking Nominations for Walker Award for Leadership

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Seeking Nominations of Graduating Seniors for Walker III Award for Leadership
Nominations are due March 19.

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to nominate a graduating senior for the prestigious George Herbert Walker III Award for Leadership award, which comes with a scholarship worth over $2,000.

The George Herbert Walker III Award for Leadership is awarded to the graduating senior who has demonstrated the most significant combination of academic achievement and leadership throughout the their years as a student at Webster University.

In creating this award, the Board of Trustees encourages excellence by publicly acknowledging students who have demonstrated leadership and academic distinction.

All nominations should include the student’s name, ID number, address, phone number, examples of the nominee's leadership involvement, a summary of the nominee’s leadership qualities, and a description of how the nominee has excelled academically.

Deadline for nominations is Monday, March 19. 

Past Recipients of the George Herbert Walker III Award for Leadership:

  • 2017  Jared Campbell
  • 2016  Gaby Deimeke & Rosie Jones
  • 2015  Brooke Vonderheide
  • 2014  Courtney Turner
  • 2013  Nicole King                                                      
  • 2012  Emily Bahr                                                           
  • 2011  Kelley Kasten                                                      
  • 2010  Megan Goodrich                                                  
  • 2009  Patrick Vacek                                                      
  • 2008  Elizabeth Eisele and Quinn Gardner 
  • 2007  Susi Riegel                                                           
  • 2006  Katie McComb                                                    
  • 2005  Melissa Anderson
  • 2004  Jenn Christ  
  • 2003  Stacey Hayes
  • 2002  Adam Neal
  • 2001  Jana Holstein
  • 2000  Mindy Hampton
  • 1999  Justin Blandford
  • 1998  Jenny Meyer
  • 1997  Phoong Tang
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