Payroll Provides Plastic as New Payment Option

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In an effort to create more convenience for employees, Webster University will introduce the ALINE Pay Electronic Services by ADP on Sept. 1. This will be a new payment option for all student, staff and faculty employees. Payroll Office and Pay Distribution policy here.

Currently, employees receive payment either through direct deposit into their designated bank account or through a mailed paper check. With the new payment option, employees will receive a VISA-backed debit/ATM card and two paper checks for their convenience; either option may be used to obtain payment.

The card will function like any other VISA-backed debit/ATM card, allowing employees to make withdrawals from any ATM or for point-of-sale transactions wherever VISA is accepted.

The ALINE Pay Electronic Services by ADP is FDIC insured, offering the same security and confidentiality as other FDIC-insured institutions. Since the ALINE account belongs exclusively to the employee, only the employee has access to card information and details, such as current balance or transaction history.

Currently a small percentage of employees are still receiving paper checks by mail. By moving toward a paperless payroll system through the introduction of The ALINE card, the University will realize annual cost and time savings.

It is important to note that the option of receiving a paper check from Webster University will eventually be eliminated entirely. Employees without direct deposit already in place will be issued an ALINE account with an ATM card and the option to use ALINE paper checks. Employees who currently receive paper checks and have a personal bank account in place are strongly encouraged to set up direct deposit via the ADP self-service portal under the “Pay & Taxes” tab. Employees may also fill out a manual direct deposit form located on the payroll home page and send it to the payroll department for processing and setup.

ALINE Card Employee Features & Benefits

  • Employees establish their own account with a pay card through which they are paid each pay period
  • Employees can access wages on the same day at any bank that supports VISA withdrawals at no cost to them
  • Employees may use the pay card for point-of-sale transactions, paying bills online and one daily cash maximum withdrawal with PIN from any network ATM (70,000)
  • Employees cannot overdraw their account
  • There are no charges for the account, declines, monthly maintenance, inactivity, a written transaction history, replacement for a lost/stolen card. 
  • The primary fees are for more than one withdrawal daily in-network ($3), any out-of-network withdrawals ($3), requesting a paper statement ($1.50). 
  • ALINE offers a website, mobile app, text and customer support line where users can get information on their account, their balance, transaction history and information on any pending transactions
  • ALINE is FDIC insured up to established limits
  • Employees receive two manual checks for use if the pay card is not available
  • If an employee does not want a pay card, they may still get an account to write their own ALINE check each pay period, as if receiving a manual check for their own wages
  • ALINE is federally and locally compliant in all 50 states
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