PIE Oct 17: 'Designing Courses for a Complex World'

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Learning Community Invitation: Problem-based Integrative Education 

Current research tells us that problem-based, integrative education (PIE) motivates and transforms students better than almost any other approach to learning. By capitalizing on the basic human desire and ability to learn through experience, PIE encourages engagement through authentic problems that connect classroom knowledge and skills to real-world challenges, and prepares students to meet challenges in their jobs and lives.

It’s not too late to join the Problem-Based, Integrative Education Learning Community for this year.

At our first meeting in September, we reviewed the principles of problem-based, integrative education and decided to spend the rest of our time this year applying those principles by developing a problem-based assignment for one of our student learning communities, with the goal of challenging the students to draw on and integrate skills and information from all their learning community classes.

Remaining meetings this semester will be held in the Faculty Development Center.

If you’d like to attend, please let Karla Armbruster know at armbruka@webster.edu.

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