Recruiters On Campus: Wells Fargo Advisors

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Recruiters On Campus: Wells Fargo Advisors 

During the fall semester, the Career Planning and Development Center will offer the Recruiters on Campus program to assist students in identifying the “right now” job that will do just that.

Students will be able to chat with local recruiters and gather information about St. Louis-area employers. Tables will be set up at the University Center Commons and Edward Jones Commons area in the East Academic Building. The organizations will promote seasonal, part-time, flexible, summer, and entry-level opportunities.

On Sept. 12, the Career Planning and Development Center welcomed, Recruiting Consultant, Michelle Adams, from Wells Fargo Advisors. Adams came on campus to share information about the Wells Fargo Advisors Practicum Program.  She was joined by current student and Wells Fargo Advisors Research Intern in User-Centered Design and Innovation, Robin Ricca. 

Through this program, students are encouraged to improve their business and life skills in a culture where diversity and inclusion are one of our greatest strengths. This is a 16 week program, where students will work for 15 hours and receive payment of $15 an hour.

Wells Fargo Advisors, Nation’s fourth-largest wealth management provider, will begin accepting applications for the Practicum Program beginning Sept. 16 and the application process closes, Oct. 4. 

Their message to students was “Don’t miss this opportunity to get valuable hands-on experience, exposure to the many financial services career paths, and the chance to learn from Wells Fargo Advisors senior leaders and expand your professional network.” 

The interviews will be held on Oct. 28, from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. at Wells Fargo Advisors. Students can find these events and more in Handshake. For more information about Wells Fargo Advisors, visit their website

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