Reflective Teaching Community to Discuss Reflection Activities

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Reflective Teaching Community to Discuss Experiential Learning
Reflective Teaching Community

The Reflective Teaching Community (RTC) will hold its next session on Friday, Mar. 2, from 12-1 p.m. All part-time and full-time faculty and academic partners are invited to join the group for discussion and a pizza lunch in the Faculty Development Center Suite (Emerson Library 420). 

Topic: Reflection Activities 

At our upcoming meeting, Amanda Kracen, assistant professor of Psychology, will facilitate our discussion on “Reflection Activities that Make Course Material Relevant.” This session continues the Reflective Teaching Community’s year-long exploration of making learning relevant and meaningful.

Please RSVP for the next meeting to Liza Dister, Faculty Development coordinator, at or 314-246-7602.

Upcoming RTC sessions:

  • March 2: Reflection activities that make course material relevant
  • April 6: Relating course material to real life
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