Reflective Teaching Community to Discuss Transparent Teaching

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Reflective Teaching Community to Discuss Transparent Teaching
RTC will hold its next session on Friday, Oct. 6

The Reflective Teaching Community (RTC) will hold its next session on Friday, Oct. 6, 12-1 p.m. All part-time and full-time faculty and academic partners are invited to join the group for discussion and a pizza lunch in the Faculty Development Center Suite (Emerson Library 420).

 At our upcoming meeting, Amanda Rosen, associate professor in History, Politics, and International Relations, will facilitate a discussion about “Transparent Teaching," part of her project in the 2017-18 Provost's Faculty Fellows program.

The group will discuss ways in which instructors can support student success by being clear and upfront with students about why we ask them to do certain work, how students can go about doing their work to be successful, and what students get out of completing certain tasks.

Those interested in learning more about transparent teaching are also invited to attend a workshop led by Rosen, which you can read about here.

See the schedule below for a complete list of the year’s upcoming RTC sessions. 

RTC Schedule 2017-18

Oct. 6: Transparent teaching
Nov. 3: Linking course content to issues of local and national concern, civic engagement
Dec. 1: Problem-based learning
Feb. 2: Experiential learning activities that promote student success
Mar. 2: Reflection activities that make course material relevant 
Apr. 6: Relating course material to real life

Please RSVP for the October meeting to Liza Dister, Faculty Development Coordinator, at or 314-246-7602.

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