Annual Updates, Additions Required for Starfish Services and Inventory

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Annual Updates, Additions Required for Starfish Services and Inventory
Please review your information.

As fiscal year 2019 comes to a close (May 31) and we prepare to start fiscal year 2020, we ask everyone with Services or interventions in the Student Success Portal, powered by Starfish, to review their information and connect with Erica Ellard ( or 314-246-7702) to request updates.


Search for your Service and carefully review the description, contact information and location, etc. If anything is outdated, needs to be removed, etc., please reach out to request those corrections. You may also add a photo of your team, offices, etc., to your Service if you’d like.

Additionally, you may be interested in adding members to your Service. Adding members to your Service will allow your team to use the online appointment scheduling option through Starfish. Tutorials are available online for both employees and students, and Ellard will provide details when you request to add members to your Service.

If you do not have a Service currently listed but would like to add one, please also contact Ellard to get started setting up this feature.


In June 2018, we launched the Inventory. Like Services, the Inventory requires annual review. Search for your intervention and carefully review it to see if you need to make any adjustments or updates. One area that will likely require annual updates is the intervention measurements section.

As with Services, interventions that are missing or new to the University should be added. Please connect with Ellard to start this process.


Please connect with Erica Ellard regarding Services or the Inventory. For general Starfish questions, you may also email or post a message to the Webster list serv at

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