Tashkent First MBA Graduates Employed At Prestigious Institutions

Webster University in Tashkent will soon be celebrating its first graduates who earned Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. Many of the newly minted MBAs will continue at their current jobs, and a few are taking on prestigious new roles. 

Four Tashkent gradates have taken the positions of Chairperson of the Youth Parliament, a deputy head of department at the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan, a government medal recipient, and a head specialist at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications of Uzbekistan.

Mokhistara Muhammadyunusova

Tashkent First MBA Graduates Employed At Prestigious Institutions

Muhammadyunusova was elected into the position of chairperson of the Youth Parliament during the organization’s first meeting on July 30. The Youth Parliament is a consultatory body under the Senate of Uzbekistan, which is the upper chamber of the country’s Parliament (the Oliy Majlis).

The Youth Parliament was created to build stronger links between legislators and young people. “The Youth Parliament is a platform for the political activity of young people," said Muhammadyunusova. "In many countries of the world, this experience has long been applied and the fact that this Parliament was formed in our country indicates that the country is interested in attracting young people to legislative processes.”

The definition of “youth” includes all people 30 years of age or younger. Approximately 64 percent of Uzbekistan’s population fits in this category. With this in mind, Muhammadyunusova explained the main task set before the organization: “The Youth Parliament is currently planning to study and discuss bills for subsequent submission of recommendations to the Senate.”

Additionally, the consultatory body will “study the activities of and identify problems in the implementation of educational projects and initiatives.” The projects mentioned above include those on digital literacy and computer programming.

Ibrokhimkhon Akhmadkhonov

Akhmadkhonov was recently hired as the deputy head of the International Financial Reporting Standards Department. The office was created in the Ministry of Finance by presidential decree in February 2020. All banks, insurance companies, joint stock companies and large taxpayers are required to implement IFRSs by 2021. In his new role, Akhmadkhonov will help to manage this this big and ambitious project. Akhmadkhonov says that his MBA in Project Management has proved to be useful in creating and realizing the implementation strategy. One of the department’s important tasks is to translate IFRS into the Uzbek language.

The switch to IFRS is meant to internationalize business practices in Uzbekistan, eventually reduce the cost of entry into doing business globally, and increase investors’ access to information about opportunities and risks in Uzbekistan.

Fazliddin Bakhromov

Webster alumnus Fazliddin Bakhromov was presented with a medal for his work as a coordinator for a food aid distribution service. His and many other volunteers’ work helped people during the height of Uzbekistan’s quarantine, when job losses, transportation shutdown, and other restrictions created massive challenges. 

Bakhromov and 27 other young people were honored with the medal “Kelajak bunyodkori” (Builder of the future) as part of celebrations related to Uzbekistan’s Independence Day. The recipients were spotlighted as people who made a significant input into the country’s development, public life, and helping other people. 

Kanat Abdikarimov

Abdikarimov found employment as head specialist of the PR Center at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications during his MBA studies and continues to work on projects in press freedom, protection of journalists, and media development.

The organization is managed directly by the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is responsible for developing and implementing policy regarding information distribution and access, including supporting print media, publishing, television and radio, libraries, and more.

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