Teaching Festival Preview: Building an Inclusive, Empowering Classroom

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Teaching Festival Preview: Workshop on Building an Inclusive and Empowering Classroom Environment

Faculty, students and academic partners are invited to attend a workshop entitled “Creating Meaningful Change: Building an Inclusive and Empowering Classroom Environment,” Friday, Feb. 17, noon-1 p.m. in the Library Conference Room (Library 120).

Colette Cummings, director, Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs; and Liza Dister, coordinator, Faculty Development Center

Workshop Description: In this hands-on session, participants will strengthen their self-awareness of how they approach diverse identities (such as race, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, ability/disability, etc.) while developing strategies for communicating with all students in their classes. Those who are looking for new methods to engage their students, aiming to increase inclusion in their classroom, and trying to expand their comfort level with addressing issues of identity are encouraged to participate.

Participants are encouraged to RSVP by clicking here.

This workshop forms part of the 2017 Teaching Festival, brought to you by the Faculty Development Center, the Academic Resource Center, and the University Libraries. A complete program of activities can be found on the 2017 Teaching Festival page

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