Dance Students, Faculty Return from Two Months Abroad at Webster Thailand

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Dance Students, Faculty Study Abroad with Webster Thailand

Webster University’s Department of Dance students, department chair James Robey and artistic director Beckah Reed recently returned from two months abroad at Webster University’s Thailand campus during the 2015 summer semester.

These seven students studied Thai classical dance and created a culminating performance entitled, “East Meets West." Robey and Reed taught courses in dance as well as women studies.

Marissa Beccard, Abby Contreras, Corbin Hall, Melanie Harvengt, Shannon Haubrich, Tyra Kopf, and Isabelle Lande studied the theory and practice of Thai classical dance and international dance.

Robey taught Dance as an Artform at the Hua Hin, Thailand campus, traveled to Singapore’s Centre Stage School of the Arts to teach a one‐week intensive Teacher Training Workshop and Master Classes, and collaborated in a performance with Webster Dance faculty member Melissa Gerth at the Fringe Roma Festival.

Reed taught Improvisation, International Dance, and Studying Women Across the Disciplines at the Hua Hin, Thailand campus and collaborated with Patravadi Mejudhon, Thailand's national artist in performing arts to mentor the students in the international dance courses and performance.

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