Update from the President and the COVID-19 Task Force

Update from the President and the COVID-19 Task Force

The following update from President Julian Z. Schuster and the COVID-19 Task Force was distributed on Tuesday, March 31.

To the Webster University Community, 

As promised in our communication of March 16, we continue to update our community on the conditions of the individuals who visited   New York City on a Conservatory trip in early March.

Various groups of students, faculty members and staff departed for New York City beginning on March 8 for this annual trip to connect with alumni.  At the time, the conditions in New York were different than now and the crisis had not fully developed into a global pandemic. Different groups on the trip returned between March 12-14.  All of the 54 people on this Webster trip were asked to self-isolate after their return to St. Louis. Of those who took this trip, the University is now aware that three people contracted the virus: two are recovering and one has fully recovered.   Today’s update is that a second employee has come forward to say they contracted the virus.

Like others on the trip, this employee entered a 14-day period of self-quarantine, per CDC guidelines, upon their return from New York. The last time the employee visited campus was before the group headed to New York. This employee started showing symptoms after the trip while in quarantine, was tested, and a positive test was the result.

Since being tested, the employee has fully recovered from COVID-19. The employee has been advised by local health authorities that they may leave quarantine on April 2. 

We are appreciative that all those affected practiced the CDC’s recommended 14-day self-isolation after returning from the New York trip, as the illness can take up to two-full weeks before manifesting. We urge that you take seriously the public health directives by your local authorities, such as the  stay-at-home orders  issued by Illinois and the St. Louis region, and that you maintain a six-foot space between you and others if you leave your home for any reason.

We know these are challenging times and many of us are still adjusting to our new routines. We urge everyone to take care of your health, both physically and mentally. We will continue to provide you updates on key developments for our community during the pandemic as needed. Our thoughts are with all of you as you make the transition called for as we all cope together during these difficult days.

President Julian Z. Schuster & 

The COVID-19 Task Force

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