2021 Teaching Festival 'Reflections on Teaching in a Pandemic' Feb. 8-12

The campus community is invited to participate in the 2021 Webster University Teaching Festival held on Feb. 8-12, with the theme Reflections on Teaching in a Pandemic.

The 2021 Teaching Festival will occur almost one year after faculty and students experienced extreme disruptions created by the global coronavirus pandemic. The University community navigated new ways to teach, learn, and engage amidst this backdrop of uncertainty and unrest. 

Teaching Festival Theme Focus

Celebrate teaching excellence in difficult times and elevate the visibility of this work, with particular emphasis on the processes of teaching excellence through uncertainty. 

Create new communities to explore ways philosophies of teaching have held true and the ways they have shifted.

Address the ongoing challenges of remaining student-centered in difficult times, addressing questions such as: 

  • How can I help my students feel safe and secure? 
  • How do I prioritize my time?
  • What modifications or alternatives can/should I make? 
  • If I’m teaching differently, how are my students learning differently?

The 2021 Teaching Festival, an all-remote event, aims to create the opportunity to reflect on the ways that teaching and learning have changed in the past year; to acknowledge hard work, sacrifice, and loss; and to begin to form a shared vision of what the future of teaching and learning looks like as a result of these historic times.

Click here for the schedule and more and how to join. 

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