St. Louis-Area COVID Vaccine Information

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University staff have received many inquiries from students, faculty and staff about what steps the University may take regarding the COVID-19 vaccines currently being distributed. The University is monitoring the current environment but has not formulated an official policy regarding whether the vaccine will be mandatory or if Webster will be involved in distribution of the shots. Because there is high interest in the community, the University is sharing the following information so that individuals who wish to seek a vaccination have the most current information about how it is being distributed. 

Currently, the vaccine is being offered to selected populations in specific stages. A full explanation of the rollout can be found online at

In this national plan, faculty and staff at institutions of higher education are eligible to receive the shots in phase 2 of the plan, as found in the detailed explanation here [PDF]. The vaccine will then be made publicly available to everyone in phase 3.

The distribution is mainly being handled by regional health departments:

  • Residents of the City of St. Louis need to fill out this form to be put on a waiting list.
  • Residents of St. Louis County need to visit this page and follow the instructions.
  • Residents of St. Charles County need to visit this page and click on the “register for the vaccine” button.
  • For residents in Phelps County (Rolla), the County Health Department is following the state’s rollout plan but is only offering the shots to people on first-come-first-serve basis. Visit the county’s Facebook page to see when shots are being offered.

Other resources and opportunities in the greater St. Louis region can be found through the following links:

Some area hospitals and healthcare providers in the St. Louis region also are offering clinics:

For those who live in other regions, please check with your city, county and state health departments to find out when shot clinics will be offered in your area and how to register for those clinics. 

The Veterans Administration is also offering shots to current and former members of the military. Currently, those shots are being offered to veterans over the age of 65 or with health issues that make individuals more susceptible to the virus, such as having diabetes or extreme obesity. Any veterans in the St. Louis region who wishes to receive a shot or to be pre-registered for future phases of the shots are asked to email Veterans in other regions can visit this page and register to be informed of clinics in those areas.

We hope you find this information useful in making the best decisions for you and your families and loved ones.

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