Webster Student Wins National Art Contest

Haley Gojohn

Senior Biology major Haley Gojohn won first place for her artwork submission for the National Career Development Association’s 55th annual Art & Poetry contest. The theme, “My Future Career: Imagine the Possibilities!” was the inspiration for Gojohn’s creation.

“When I heard about the theme for Career Development Month being 'My Future Career, Imagine the Possibilities,' I thought about the process of getting to your career and achieving your future goals, so I depicted a staircase in the drawing to represent the building blocks of getting to that goal and career of your dreams. Everything from ideas, goal setting, possibilities, to opportunities, education, degree programs, and the start of your career is represented on the steps,” said Gojohn.

The Career Planning & Development Center promoted the Art & Poetry contest in November as part of National Career Development Month, where Gojohn’s submission was selected as the winning entry for Webster University. Her artwork was then endorsed by the Missouri Career Development Association before moving on to the national contest.

“I was thrilled to see Haley’s artwork represent Webster University at the state and national levels and go-on to win top prize,” said John Link, director of Webster University’s Career Planning & Development Center.

Upon completion of her degree at Webster, Gojohn plans to continue her education in Entomology and go into the field of insect conservation to help protect pollinators from growing threats. “I want to work in this field because I want to help save the planet and helpful species in the insect world that we cannot live without,” said Gojohn.

The Career Planning & Development Center will participate in the National Career Development Association’s 56th annual Art & Poetry Contest and solicit entries in November 2021.

Link to article: https://www.ncda.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sd/news_article/371304/_PARENT/layout_details/false

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