Student Success Portal Early Term Progress Survey Launches Jan. 22

The Spring and Spring 1 Early Term Progress Survey launches Friday, Jan. 22, and is open for 10 days, closing Monday, Feb. 1, at 11 p.m. Central Time. This survey is distributed to all graduate and undergraduate Spring semester and Spring 1 term courses throughout the United States, and at the Leiden and Uzbekistan campuses.

All faculty members are requested to submit their survey(s) during the 10-day window – even if they choose not to select any flags or kudos for their students, thereby submitting their surveys with no feedback to students. It is clear that students are responding to the flags and kudos raised and find faculty feedback valuable for support and encouragement, connecting them to resources and supports, and helping them persist and succeed in their educational endeavors.

One student responded to feedback from a professor saying, “Thank you so much for your encouraging thoughts. I appreciate all of your feedback!”

Additionally, data shows that raising concerns (flags) and providing positive feedback (kudos) early is helpful for students and leads to more opportunities for students to achieve success. Find relevant research here.

One faculty member stated, “It’s virtually impossible for a student to fall through the cracks if faculty get familiar with this portal.”

Another faculty member said, “The Student Success Portal is already proving to be a boost in early detection of academic issues. Faculty are working even more from a shared-responsibility mindset, with successful active interventions. We are finding that students respond well to faculty follow-ups.”

Questions? Reach out to the Starfish Team at and/or access the resources available at, including a detailed Progress Survey FAQ section and a brief video on how to complete a Progress Survey. A Webster-specific video on completing Progress Surveys is also available to assist faculty in timely submission of their Progress Surveys.

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