Webster Vienna Delegation Engages with Vienna Economic Forum

A group of students with WVPU Associate Director Samuel R. Schubert at the Vienna Economic Forum.

On Nov. 13, a delegation of Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) students, led by Associate Director Samuel R. Schubert, participated in the 20th jubilee celebration of the Vienna Economic Forum (VEF) at Vienna’s Rathaus. The event, spanning four sessions, served as a platform for fostering economic cooperation across the region, from the Adriatic to the Black Sea. 

The VEF, renowned for its commitment to promoting economic collaboration, brought together world leaders, executives and academics to engage in insightful discussions on global economic challenges and opportunities. The forum aimed to bridge gaps and enhance understanding among nations in the pursuit of shared economic goals. Schubert and eight students from Webster Vienna’s Business and Management and International Relations (IR) programs actively participated in the discussions. The diverse range of topics provided valuable insight into the complex landscape of global economics, offering students a unique opportunity to broaden their perspectives. 

For the students, this event wasn't just a chance to witness high-profile discussions; it was an opportunity to network with industry leaders, experts and fellow attendees. The VEF serves as a bridge between academia and the professional world, allowing students to forge connections that could prove instrumental in their future careers. 

As part of a global educational institution, WVPU recognizes the importance of providing students with exposure to real-world scenarios and networking opportunities. Schubert emphasized the significance of such experiences. 

"Participation in events like the Vienna Economic Forum is integral to our commitment to education. It allows students to see the practical implications of the theories they study in class and opens doors to a network of professionals," Schubert said. 

The University continues to prioritize initiatives that prepare students for success beyond the classroom, ensuring they are well-equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Attendance at the VEF stands as a testament to Webster Vienna’s dedication to offering students an enriching educational experience that extends beyond traditional boundaries. 

“The Vienna Economic Forum was one of the highlights of my semester,” said Mamiza Mucanheia, IR major and research assistant for the department. “I had the opportunity to meet the former chancellor of Austria, Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel, among many other practitioners in the field of my studies. Networking with active representatives with so much experience in the field of IR is a privilege that Webster Vienna has awarded me. After attending the forum, I can confidently say that I am even more excited for my future career in IR.” 

A group of WVPU students at the Vienna Economic Forum.

A group of WVPU students at the Vienna Economic Forum.

The university delegation and Associate Director Schubert made a meaningful contribution to the 20th jubilee celebration of the VEF. Through active participation and engagement, students gained valuable insights, expanded their professional networks and furthered their understanding of the complex dynamics shaping the global economic landscape. This experience exemplifies Webster Vienna’s commitment to providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the dynamic world of international business and relations.  

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