Chancellor Scholarship Creates Pathways for Success

portrait of student named sage hamilton

Chancellor's Scholarship

Webster is highlighting the extraordinary students who have earned one of the most prestigious scholarships the University offers, the Chancellor’s Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to incoming freshman students who meet high academic standards and participate in a competition at the main campus.  

Student Profile: Sage Hamilton

Sage Hamilton has always wanted to work in a field where they could help others and thought studying Psychology would be the right fit.

“I have been going to therapy since I was 12, and I have firsthand knowledge of how helpful it would be,” said Hamilton, a first-year student. “I like to consider myself a good listener and I liked talking to people.”

They started researching colleges in high school, and Webster University stood out after the first visit.
“I chose Webster for a number of reasons,” Hamilton said. “I liked the class sizes, the beautiful campus and the study abroad opportunities, which I’m aiming to utilize this summer. I think what set Webster apart the most though was the inclusive community and the psychology department, especially its accelerated master's program.”
And while Hamilton said their parents have always prioritized education, the question of paying for it was a “toss up.” Their mom is working toward a master’s degree, and they have younger siblings who also plan to attend college.

They applied for several scholarships, knowing Webster has more than 240 scholarships available to undergraduate students. Hamilton was awarded the Chancellor’s Scholarship, which provides full tuition for incoming first-year students who meet certain academic criteria and compete in an event.

“Earning the Chancellor’s Scholarship took a major weight off my family and me, as the finance aspect of pursuing an education was not nearly as much of a stressor as it once had been,” Hamilton said. “It has put a positive pressure on me to keep the scholarship through academics, which has kept me motivated in classes.”

Hamilton is already finding ways to get involved outside of the classroom. Through the Student Literacy Corps, they are helping to tutor high school students who are refugees, an experience they have found rewarding and educational.

“My psychology background has helped me to approach tutoring them from a different angle,” they said.

Hamilton said they look forward to continuing learning and growing at Webster, and they are grateful for the scholarship that will allow them to work toward a degree without financial hardships. Their goal is to complete a master’s and eventually work in mental health as a counselor.

“I have so much interest in all of psychology, and I’m eager to learn everything about it,” they said.  

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