Community Music School, DADAH, Collaborate to Install Exhibit at CMS Center

The CMS hallway with the new DADAH artwork.

In April, the Community Music School (CMS) partnered with the Department of Art, Design and Art History (DADAH) at Webster University to install an exhibit titled Voices United: Diversity in Design. The exhibit is located in the hallway that connects the CMS Center with the Loretto-Hilton Center on the southern end of the building.

“There was this long hallway with empty walls, and I thought it would be a great place for an art installation and an opportunity to collaborate with another department within the University,” said Nicole Springer, CMS director. DADAH responded to her call for artwork – many pieces created by student graphic designers now adorn the previously dull hallway.

As part of the graphic design program, students participate in the “Diversity Poster Design” project, an initiative that challenges them to step beyond the confines of traditional design paradigms and engage directly with the multifaceted theme of diversity. The new hallway artwork stems from this project.

According to the description of the exhibit, “each poster stands as a unique narrative, a designer's personal response to the complexities of diversity. From cultural to racial, from gender identities to abilities, these works collectively offer a kaleidoscope of perspectives, challenging viewers to confront their own perceptions and biases. Through the dynamic use of typography—size, color, arrangement, and font choice—students convey powerful messages that champion inclusivity, understanding and respect.”

A poster that mirrors the word "Diversity" with a background landscape of trees, water, mountains, and more diverse aspects of the Earth's terrain.

One of the diversity posters hung along the hallway.

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