Department of Art, Design and Art History Holds First Art Market

Attendees look at booths hosting jewelry, graphic design, paintings and more inside the Visual Arts Studio. Attendees browse booths inside the Visual Arts Studio at the recent DADAH Market.

The Department of Art, Design and Art History (DADAH) recently held its first DADAH Market, organized by the Webster Art Coalition and Webster University’s American Institute of Graphic Arts Club (AIGA). Twenty-two students had the opportunity to showcase and sell pieces of their art – including prints, paintings, drawings, jewelry, ceramics and more to the 200-plus attendees. The event was open to the public, allowing students to gain exposure for their work and network with attendees.

“The DADAH market was incredibly rewarding for me,” shared Sydney Bailey, a senior graphic design student and president of AIGA, who hosted a booth at the event. “It provided a platform to engage with the local community, create connections with talented artists and cultivate relationships with peers and alumni from Webster. The experience was enjoyable and enriching. I am hopeful that this event will continue to thrive for years to come!”

Three people sit at a Webster branded table on a sunny day outside the Webster University Visual Arts Building.Department representative Alex Pierce and AIGA students Hanah Sakinovic and Syd Bailey host a table outside the Visual Arts Studio as part of the DADAH market. 
“I think it’s important for students to get a chance to sell their work in a low-stakes environment,” echoed Jade Schrier, president of the Webster Arts Coalition. “Trying to make money from art can be intimidating. Events like this make it easy to see yourself in a position where your art can connect with people in a way that sustains you and your practice. Once you’ve done your first table, you feel more confident and prepared for the next one!” 

An artist stands behind a table while an attendee holds a painting from the booth. Webster student Neo Ye gives details about a piece of art. 

In addition to a large turnout from the general public, students were thrilled to feel the support from Webster staff, faculty, students and alumni as they browsed the market. 
“For many students, the DADAH market was their first experience selling their art,” said Rachael Bruce, BFA ‘19, who currently serves as a visiting assistant professor. “As an alumnus, I was able to connect with and support students in making the transition from student to working artist. It was wonderful to see so many people supporting local artists.”

Two women smile for a photo while posing with their art booths.Webster alumni Jodi Kolpakov, BFA ’18, and Racheal Bruce, BFA ’19, smile at their neighboring booths.
Noriko Yuasa, professor and chair of the Department of Art, Design and Art History, shared excitement regarding the success of the event – thanking all those who helped to make it possible. 
“This first DADAH Market event was driven by students and supported by faculty volunteers. The aim was to help students build confidence and demonstrate that art can be a viable business avenue. Many DADAH students have participated in various local art fairs and markets with success in the past, and we wanted to create a safe space at Webster for them to showcase and sell their art. It was truly a feel-good event, witnessing so many smiles and people coming together to support Webster's up-and-coming artists.” 
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