Webster Ranked as one of the Top Four Universities in Missouri for International Students by the Department of Homeland Security

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Webster University is ranked at #138 among more than 4,000 Universities that host international students in the United States on an annual list published by the Department of Homeland Security. Only three other Missouri institutions are ranked higher than Webster, and two of those are in the St. Louis region, making the city a top hub for international study in the Midwest.

The report, which is compiled from F1 student visa data recorded in the federal Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), said that in the 2023 calendar year, Webster's main campus in St. Louis hosted 2,298 students from other countries. Webster's San Antonio campus also appeared on the list at #481, with 573 F1 visa students.

“This study further validates Webster University’s global reputation as an academic institution that offers premium education for students all over the world,” Webster President Julian Z. Schuster said. “Our enrollment continues to grow, and we believe Webster University will be the premier location for international students to study in the United States and among the top choices that students around the world will have when exploring their options.”

The annual SEVIS report lists the number of F1 visas at every four-year institution of higher education in the United States, which currently numbers at about 4,400. The list counts seperate campuses, hence why Webster is on it twice, once for St. Louis and again for San Antonio.

According to SEVIS, Webster University's main campus hosted 2,298 students with F1 visas in 2023. This put Webster in the top 4% among all colleges in the United States, and in the top four in Missouri. Only Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Central Missouri, and Saint Louis University reported more F1 students on their campuses in the state last year. Overall, 13.2% of all international students chose to study in the Midwest, according to the SEVIS data.

“Three of the four top schools in Missouri for international students are in St. Louis, showing that our city is a hub for international education,” said Assistant Vice President of International Enrollment Samrat Ray Chaudhuri. “Because of the high demand from international students to study at Webster, we recently expanded our programs so that students from other nations can also pursue degrees at our Columbia campus, further expanding the options available to students from outside the United States.”

International enrollment at Webster has continued to grow since the December numbers were released. Webster’s Office of Institutions Effectiveness (OIE), which collects data for state and federal data requirements, reported that in May of 2024, Webster's St. Louis and San Antonio locations collectively had 3,301 students with F1 visas. According to OIE data, the top five home countries for Webster international students were India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Vietnam. The top five majors for international graduate students were Information Technology Management, Cybersecurity Operations, Data Analytics, Business Administration and Business Analytics, while the top five undergraduate majors for international students at Webster were Computer Science, Business Administration, Biological Sciences, Psychology, and International Relations. 

According to SEVIS, nearly 34% of F1 students in the United States pursued bachelor’s degrees and 45% are pursued master’s degrees in 2023. At Webster, it was about 7% for undergraduates and about 93% for graduate students, with a few dozen international students enrolled in certificate programs.

To learn more about Webster programs for international students or to apply online, visit Webster’s International Recruitment Services website.

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