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Smith Discusses Artifical Intelligence

Julie SmithSchool of Communications Instructor Julie Smith was interviewed on KMOX several times for a discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI). On Monday, Nov. 6, she discussed why people should take a closer look at AI to understand what it is and what it isn’t. On Tuesday, Nov. 7, she discussed how AI is being used in classrooms.

Webster and Anderson PlayersWomen's Basketball Team Helps a Rival

Webster University was featured in a KSDK story that aired several times Nov. 11 and 12 after the women’s basketball team helped out a rival team that had all of their equipment stolen just before a two-day tournament. Webster’s team supplied the other team with replacement uniforms, helped them quickly replace stolen gear, and even located shoes for the members of the Anderson University basketball team. Athletics Director Scott Killgallon and Women’s Basketball Coach Jordan Olufson were both quoted.  KMOV and KMOX also had their own stories on the incident. The KMOX story was not placed online. KSDK had a follow up story a few days later. 

Ellison Discusses the State of the Economy

Economics Professor Mitch Ellison was interviewed by KSDK about why polls show that majority of Americans believe the economy is “bad” despite low unemployment, an easing of inflation and wage growth in key sectors. The interview was aired several times during the morning show on Nov. 16 (clip is not online).

Hall Discusses the Third Republican Presidential Primary Debate

Bill HallProfessor Bill Hall was interviewed by ASHARQ News (Middle East) about the third Republican Presidential Debate held in early November.


Flewellen Featured in 40 Under 40 Coverage

Vincent FlewellenChief Diversity Officer Vincent Flewellen was featured in a photograph and mentioned in a story about the annual St. Louis Business Journal 40 Under 40 awards ceremony.

Alumna Graham Featured in a Miami Magazine

Shout Out Miami ran a feature profile on Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts alumna Brittany Graham. 

Polgar Discusses Her Induction Into the World Chess Hall of Fame

Susan PolgarChess Coach Emeritus Susan Polgar was interviewed Gray News about her induction into the World Chess Hall of Fame.

Roberts Discusses Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Joe RobertsProfessor Joe Roberts was interviewed by WalletHub about the best pre-paid debit cards on the market. 

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